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My name is Natasha and I live in Northern Ireland with my husband Martin and my children – Amy aged 15, Kealan aged 4 and Elyse age 3.  After the birth of Kealan, my husband and I realised that we wanted a new lifestyle.  My previous career in retail management prevented me from completing homeworks with Amy or picking her up from school.  We wanted to turn our usually empty house into a family home in which our children would be raised by their mother, supported by a loving father.  So, I havent had a paycheck since but ive worked harder than i ever had before.  My friends and colleagues didnt think I’d manage a week at home before i needed back to work but what they also didnt realise was that i would simply put all my drive and motivation into being the best mum i could.  And i love it.  Not very long after Kealan, 16 months later to be exact, Elyse was born and now they are more like twins than just brother and sister.

Once i emerged from the fog that is 2 under 2 I realised that simply surviving the day wasnt going to be enough, not for my own self worth and general happiness.  Being with Kealan and Elyse was, of course, cherished time but if it wasnt quality time together then guilt took over and my mood dropped.  Yes, the age of social media and Pinterest has added to the already horrific guilt of motherhood and yes, my life as Natasha is somewhat on hold but i need to be doing my best at whatever im doing and so ive thrown myself into all aspects of helping my children thrive.  I love working on themes, collecting resources and making learning magical through, sometimes quite elaborate, invitations to play.  However, i should point out that all my friends think i am mad and all my family are in fact quite certain of this fact.  I know that having tanks of locusts in your playroom and painting an MDF cow at midnight are not normal things to be doing.  I also have no expectation that anyone else should do any of these things.  Im simply sharing my blog so that if there are other people out there as crazy as i am that they might find some ideas which can help them spend more Quality Time Together.

Prior to Quality Time Together i had two other blogs which hold a vast amount of themed learning from previous years.  If you would like to see more from slightly littler Kealan and Elyse please follow the links below:-

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