Quality Time Special Baths

I posted this picture as a Quality Time Activity of the Day on my Facebook page 3 days ago the response has been amazing; so far 21,000 people have witnessed my terrible painting! So since our ‘special baths’ seem to be of interest I have spent hours trawling through baby pictures of Kealan and Elyse to find some more of our bath time fun (and now I’m rather broody, oops).

So first, a few very important points:-

  • I am not an artist. I can not paint! U can do this, if I can, anyone can.
  • Do not expect to get peace to sort these. Every time I have had to slap paint on the tiles while my kids try to break down the door with excitement…no pressure!
  • Only use washable paint. It will wash off your tiles and bath very easily but might lightly stain bright white grout so if you have a nice new shiny bathroom that is your tranquil zone when the terrors, sorry angels, go to bed please don’t do this!
  • Never ever use acrylic paint, I have learned this the hard way when I couldn’t be bothered mixing brown and grabbed whatever I had thinking it would be fine. It wasn’t fine, I’m still chipping it off 3 years later. Most of the staining on my grout comes from this error rather than the washable paint.
  • If you want to colour the water use food colours. It won’t stain the kids as the huge volume of water in a bath dilutes it so much. Supermarket food colours are useless and therefore end up very expensive. A tiny bit of Wiltons food colour will make vibrant colours and is a must for many activities so well worth getting (or stealing from your mum as I have).
  • If it doesn’t have stickers or batteries, stick it in the bath! Toys that haven’t been played with for years become interesting again.

So, why special baths?

My good friend Carly Craig, over at All of me Sensory, and I joke about how both our long suffering husbands have asked “must they be learning ALL the time?”. And we both answered, without hesitation, “yes, yes they must!” In my opinion, children under the age of 6 do not require educated but they should be learning all day, through quality play activities. Baths are perfect for this, mostly because they are trapped – great for children who struggle to sit still or run a mile when you try to ask them questions.

So here’s goes:-

1) COLOUR BATHS         


Halloween – foam shapes, plastic spiders, bats, bugs and snakes and loot buckets.Halloween – glow sticks and glow balloons. Hard to photograph but so good.   

Valentine’s Day – Poundshop felt and foam hearts and fabric rose petals. Ketchup squeezy bottles are always good fun too.  Birthdays – for this one I put left over party bag favours into the balloons before I blew them up. Then we let them pop the balloons to reveal the bubbles, necklaces, bouncy balls etc inside. 


A is for astronaut – glow in the dark stars, foam planets, glow sticks and space toys.  

A is for apple – I painted two trees for them to sort the upper and lower case letter apples I made from foam.   I also added half inflated red and green balloons as apples and coloured the bath with red apple flavoured koolaid so the room smelled amazing.  

B is for bee – Yellow bath water and balloons partially inflated with faces and strips drawn on with a black permanent marker.   

B is for balloon –  so simple, so much fun.

B is for baby – plus my baby, just cause she’s cute.    

C is for crocodile 
C is for cat – I cut the pieces of a cat from black and white foam and they had to arrange them to make the picture. I also used a black permanent marker to draw whiskers and ears on the balloons.  

C is for car – I found a piece of mdf in the garage to make ramp and used electrical tape to tape mark out a road.     

D is for dinosaur – I created a dinosaur swamp in our dolls bath using gelli-play and some artificial leaves and coloured the water green. 

All things letter E
E is for Elmer – with foam squares for them to add to Elmer.    

F is for fire – I used black electrical tape for the house and painted on the flames. Kealan and Elyse were able to put out the fire using their water guns as it washed away the paint.
  F is for frog – foam lily pads, green water and toy frogs.  


Pirates – plastic gold coins in the water, hook sponges and pirate toys. 

Bugs –  an artificial grass sample, plastic bugs, fake flowers, fake toadstools, stones and glass beads  

Autumn – fabric leaves float in the bath which looks lovely. Ideally I would have added real pumpkins of varying sizes but it was too early for them.  Loot buckets and squeezy bottles added interest.    

Farm – just washable paint and some bath toys. 

Emotions – I used coloured foam to make the faces with various emotions. And on the other wall there were blank faces with a variety of foam eyes, noses and mouth to put in the correct place.   

Incy wincy spider –  plastic spiders and various lengths of pipes and fittings. 

Don’t forget to make them clean up, this is one of the best bits for Kealan and Elyse. Just give them a sponge or some brushes and make them do the work.  


Ball pool balls – for a special bath with literally a 5 second set up just tip in your ball pool balls.   

Help them improve their gross motor skills by putting a large bucket on the floor for them to throw the balls into. In this picture you can see we used an upside down footstool. Megablock

Megablocks – my two had outgrown their megablocks until I chucked them in the bath. This is now the most popular activity in our house. The confinement to the bath seems to hold their focus and they spend ages building a variety of masterpieces. 

So i hope you have liked our ‘special baths’ and if you would like them to become a regular event in your house here is a little list of resources you might wanna pick up:-

  • Washable paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Food colours
  • Electrical tape
  • Squeezy ketchup bottles
  • Plastic buckets
  • Glow sticks
  • Balloons
  • Foam shapes
  • A4 foam sheets
  • Foam bath letters

I would love it if you share any of your special baths on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/qualitytimeresources

One thought on “Quality Time Special Baths

  1. Excellent ideas and thanks for the mention for http://www.allofmesensory.com
    These ideas are so simple on concept, but beautifully executed.
    We love Sensory baths over here, some of out favouritts have been each child picking their own favourite colour and having a special bath on their own (a rarity with 3 boys!), magazines blocks and play balls are great for an instant low effort high impact hit! Ps your artwork is indeed fab!


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