Quality Time Summer Theme – cocktail making

 We kicked off our Summer theme with a kids cocktail making tuff tray. I gathered some old Hawaiian party decorations and leis I had from a previous birthday and popped to Home Bargains for some plastic glasses. I set out cartons of Apple juice, tropical juice and fizzy lemon. I purposely picked heavy cartons of juice so they would have to work hard on their pouring skills.  They both did so well. They can pour with out spilling a drop and then topple the whole glass about 20 seconds later. Every single drink they’ve ever been given!!!!  I also set out oranges, lemon and a pineapple, whole and sliced. Although Kealan enjoyed slicing his own.  This occupied them for well over 30 mins and our friends that came around to play also had a go. The drinks were actually very nice but I’m guessing Elyse may have added too much lemon to this one.  Kealan was very proud of his concoctions. They both squeezed the fruit to get out the juice which was an excellent hand strengthening exercise.  And cool glasses are a must for summer! 

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