Quality Time – Odd Socks story, activity and craft

 In this lovely story by Michelle Robinson and Rebecca Ashdown a pair of socks are married and become separated when the wife develops a hole. The husband goes on a desperate hunt to find her but he is found by the family dog and also gets torn. He awakens to discover that both of them are back together and have been transformed into sock puppets.  It’s a nice story if you can find it but this activity doesn’t require it. I simply grabbed some of Kealan and Elyses socks and spread them out with a bucket for each child. They haven’t quite got the hang of balling the socks. As there is an age gap I knew that Kealan might be able to master it but Elyse wouldn’t and then it couldn’t be a fair race. So I just had them find a match and throw them in the bucket. However, balling up socks is such a good activity for developing fine motor skills that I would strongly recommend showing your kids how to do it.  Once all the pairs were gone we tipped out each bucket and counted to see who had the most pairs. Try to take every opportunity you can to make your kids count out loud. Kealan still struggles to count to 20 so I’m trying hard to count with him at any opportunity.

If you have a child upset because the didn’t win then just keep playing until they do, it’s definitely the simplest fun you could have! And more practice means more help with the laundry, everybody wins!  Next we made sock puppets. Well they designed their puppets i.e. gave me their instructions, while I did as I was told, 😂 Didn’t I do well? Elyse enjoyed her puppet but Kealan wasn’t just as bothered about this activity (but then it wasn’t about transformers so it’s clearly a complete waste of time, 🙄). That may all have been very simple but within that activity we covered:-

1) literacy by reading the story

2) fine motor skill development by balling socks

3) gross motor skills by reaching and stretching and also avoiding other children

4) maths by counting the socks

5) dealing with winning or disappointment by making it a competition

6) arts and crafts by making the puppets

7) imaginative play by using the sock puppets

So even this has been significant Quality Time with your child. The set up took 5 mins (much less depending on how organised you are about your pipe cleaner and googly eye storage) but it’s been a lesson in so many key skills for your child and hopefully plenty of fun also. 




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