Quality Time Rainbow Sensory Play Secret

Ok…..so it’s not a secret and I certainly didn’t come up with this on my own but I’ve been a kids activity Pinterest addict and blogger for 3 years and I have only just discovered this awesome, practically free, sensory play resource.   

Do you want to know what it is?…..nappies (or diapers for my American readers).

Ever torn a nappy and discovered the cotton wool type stuff inside? Well, this is what happens when you add it to water (or pee, but for play purposes I strongly recommend water, 😂). So if you have those slightly grubby nappies that have been lying in the car, the end of the packet that no longer fit or in my case those left from your very last packet of nappies because they’re all grown up (ok she’s 3 but still, 😢) it’s time to put them to good use.

Here’s what I did (but I should say that literally opening the nappy and putting it in a bowl of water gives you pretty terrific fake snow):-

1 – half fill a mixing bowl with water and add food colouring if desired.   

2 – for this amount of water one size 5 nappy or 2 newborn nappies seemed to yield the right amount. Tear them open and pull out all the cotton wool type stuff inside. (WARNING – this is a fiberous material and will enter the air when you rip them open. I noticed it did, very mildly irritate my nose for a few minutes so I would not recommend completing this stage with your children. Once it enters the water this isn’t a problem).
3 – add it to the water and mix.  

4 – after about a minute it should be ready  

5 – repeat for other colours if desired and place in a large tray, water/sand table or bowl (also ikea trofast boxes are a nice size for one child but you will only need a small amount, say two size 5 nappies to fill one of these).  

6 – add scoops, bowls and pretty much any water safe toys (I.e, no batteries or stickers is the rule in my house).

  (WARNING – This is NOT a taste safe activity and therefore I would not recommend for children under 3. However, this would be a great sensory play activity for toddlers but only for children that do not put things in their mouths and with constant supervision).

Some other ideas:-




Under the sea    

Sand moulds also work brilliantly.    
The play options with this stuff are endless and it feels lovely. 

Adding varying amounts of water also alters the consistency e.g. add more water to make a runny dinosaur swamp.

I hope you enjoyed this post and for loads of themed play please follow me at http://www.qualitytimetogether.blog or for more simple daily activities like http://www.facebook.com/qualitytimeresources.

Natasha. Xx


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