All about me theme – sense of smell and taste for preschoolers

To see how we learnt about our other senses please see links at the bottom of this post.


Sensory play – I made a batch of playdough and divided it into 6 equal pieces. I used rose oil, lavender oil, lemon food flavouring, mint food flavouring, rosemary oil and powdered ginger and cinnamon to make each one smell. I then added food colour and some fresh mint, dried rose petals, dried lemon slice and a stick of cinnamon.

Sensory play – the rice smelt of lemons, oranges and strawberries and was stained using paint and then left to dry. Kealan and Elyse grabbed wooden spoons to mix and the scales to balance the rice.

Spice painting – I used cinnamon, mild curry powder, hot chilli powder and tumeric with a little water to make spice paints. We also used basil stems and leaves as paint brushes.


Science – i asked the kids to separate a pack of skittles by colour.  They then tasted one of each colour and said what they thought it tasted of.  I arranged the sweets in a circle and we added some water.  Immediately the colours started to separate and made a beautiful rainbow.


Next the kids posted 10 skittles of each colour into milk bottles and practised their pouring skills by adding some water.  We waited for a few minutes and gave the sweets a stir, they then tasted each drink.

Sensory play – blind taste test desert.  I cut up various cakes, chocolates and sweets so that there were two of each type.  When Kealan and Elyse were blindfolded i fed them both the same treat and they competed to see who could recognise it first.  A very popular game that i imagine they will want to play again.

Printables – a few of the printables we completed over the week.


To see the other senses please click on the links below:-

Sense of sight and hearing

Sense of touch

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