All about me theme – sense of touch for preschoolers

We covered the five senses in one week, links to the other 4 are included at the end of this post.

As we love sensory play it wasn’t too hard to come up with activities for sense of touch day.

Massage – we stared out with a massage for them both. This was very popular, I love kealans expression in this pic. 

Sensory board
– I  had bought a Velcro catch game from Poundland a few days previously and the outside had come off earlier in the day leaving a perfect hand outline that I knew would be useful. Also the Velcro was perfect for what I wanted to do so both hand bats were disassembled and I grabbed a few different textures from a round the house. A bit of cutting and glueing later I had our touch board.   Bottom right was the most popular one, sticky backed plastic glued to the board so the sticky was outwards.


Sensory play – I used a funnel with a large neck (the sort for putting salt in your dishwasher) and filled balloons with rice, flour, hand sanitiser, water beads, small plastic gems and salt. These got thrown about a lot!  Art – texture collage. I gave Kealan and Elyse some pieces of ribbon, cotton wool, foil, coloured sand, rice etc and some PVA glue. They made lovely collages.    

Journal entry – I wrote the word touch on one page for them to copy and asked them to draw around their hand on the other. I was chuffed with Kealans writing.   Story time – we’re going on a bear hunt. This is a popular book with us but only since i saw Michael Rosen himself read it. If you haven’t seen it, the link is on my older blog post where you will also be able to see a much littler Kealan and Elyse enjoying the story too. So it’s a great story for sense of touch as it contains so many textures and great descriptions. I set up long wavy grass, a (not very) deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a (not) big, dark forest, a (not) swirling, whirling snowstorm and a narrow, gloomy cave.          The ‘snow’ was the most popular with them as it was a new sensory experience we hadn’t done before. I was thrilled with how it turned out. I ripped open two size 5 nappies (currently gathering dust as I now have no nappies to change, 😬😬) and ripped out the inside of them (it’s like cotton wool). I put it in a tray and added cold water. It was great and perfect snow for our sensory tray walk, or sit in elyses case!   

Sensory play – I tipped 5 packets of water beads (19p a pack in home bargains) into our water tray before I went to bed and in the morning the tray was full of lovely squishy, bouncy beads.


Sensory play – I squirted 2 cans of Tesco value shaving foam on our tuff tray and added some paint and glitter. They began by touching the foam and swirling the foam but, as it always does, it decended into madness.     

And then it was shower time and the end of touch day!

To see the other senses please click on the links below:-

Sense of smell and taste

Sense of sight and hearing


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