All about me theme -sense of sight and hearing for preschoolers

I’ve broken down this weeks activities into a few seperate posts. Please see links at the bottom for other senses.


We talked about how light enables us to see and how it enters through our eyes and that our eyes send messages to our brain. Our brain then uses memories we have of colours and shapes to determine what each object we are looking at is. We discussed how an optician checks people eyesight and people whose eyes don’t work perfectly need to wear glasses. And lastly I explained that some people cannot see and that is called being blind. At first I tried to explain to them how hard life would be if you couldn’t see and how grateful we should be for our sense of sight. However, I also explained that blind people are still very able, rather than disabled and use their other senses to compensate.

Story time – For story time I read Winnie the Witch flies again in which Winnie finds out that the reason she keeps crashing is that she needs glasses. We also had an Oxford Reading Tree book about visiting the Optician. We then completed a few pages of thousands of things to spot. Lastly we read the classic kiddies book Brown Bear, Brown Bear what to do see? When it was finished I had Kealan and Elyse colour paper plates in each colour from the story. Then they were sent on a treasure hunt to find items of each colour. It was so pleasing to watch them run straight past all our colourful toys to the garden to find colour in nature. After lots of greens and yellows were found they had to redirect themselves back in to the house. Sensory play – For our second activity I wrapped 6 objects in tin foil. I set the objects in front of them and asked them to use their eyes to guess what each one was. They found this quite hard but that might have been the frantic excitement to rip off the tin foil. When they were all unwrapped I set them on the table and told them to look very closely at the items. Next I had them then their backs while I removed one of the items. They then turned back round and had to remember which item was no longer there. They enjoyed this a lot.    Sensory play – Our next activity was aimed at helping Kealan and Elyse appreciate their sense of sight. We talked about how some people are blind and asked them how they imagined it would feel to not be able to see. They were very certain it would not be nice. So I explained that lots of people have disabilities but they have many more abilities and usually blind people use genie other senses to compensate for their lack of site. So could they use their other senses to stack blocks, paint picture or ‘read’ a book?  

I used a hot glue gun to prepare a very simplistic Braille page for them to understand how it worked.


Art – i wanted to complete a big picture full of colour and I’d recently purchased some more unusual brushes (pastry brushes, scrubbing brushes etc). So I set up all the variety of brushes and our paper and let them paint in whatever way they wanted.  Baking – We made blue buns for snack time. 

Journal entry – I love our new journals and for our 2nd entry I drew an eye and wrote the word see for them both to copy. At just over 3 Elyse has no idea how to form letters but Kealan is starting to get it now, even if they are quite often backwards or not in the right order. 


I left out our box of instruments for morning table top time much to the delight of my sleeping teenage daughter I imagine.   

Sensory play – I made a matching sounds game by gathering up some plastic eggs and divided them into two sets. I placed items inside one set of eggs such as rice, jingle bells, glass beads, bottoms and Pom poms to make different noises when shaken. Then I placed the same objects in the second set. I sat Kealan and Elyse at the table and asked Elyse to select one egg to shake. She shook it and we listened and then they had to shake all the other eggs until they found the one that matched. We carried on until all he eggs were paired.


Sensory play – I poured varying amount of coloured water into glass milk bottles and showed the kids how to tap them to make sounds of various pitch. Kealan used our milk bottle xylophone to accompany a beautiful performance of ‘you are my sunshine’.   Game – Early learning centre sound bingo. This was our first time playing this game and I was surprised at how quickly they recognised each sound on the CD.   

To see how we investigated our other senses please see:-

Sense of taste and smell

Sense of touch


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