All about me theme – hospital for preschoolers

This week we focussed on hospital and germs. Our germ activities are featured in a separate post. Kealan is 4.5 and Elyse is 3.

Dramatic play – I used Twinkl resources, our coffee table with cot mattress on top for a hospital bed and set out our doctors kit with real plasters, bandages, latex gloves and digital thermometer.   

As with all our dramatic play this was very popular and even elyses bunny got involved.      


Art activities
– Syringe painting
I thinned out some paint using water and gave the kids lots of colours and calpol syringes.   After quite a while or squirting the paint they decided to rub the colours together and discovered they could use the end of the syringe for mark making. 


Math activity – coloured water transfer.  This invitation to play way very simple. Coloured water and syringes to tie in with our hospital theme. It took Elyse a few attempts to master the syringe but after that the spend about 30 minutes happily transferring and mixing to make new colours.        

Math activity – making shapes and patterns using plasters. This was one of our morning table top activities but was not a hit with Kealan. Elyse gave it a good go but the plasters were hard to manage.


Resources – a version of operation that I picked up from a charity shop and seemed the obvious toy to fit in with our hospital week. 

So that was all our hospital themed activities as this week was mostly focussed on germs (which I have written a separate post about.)


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