All about me theme -germs for preschoolers

This week we focussed on hospital theme and germs theme. Please see separate post for the hospital activities. Kealan is 4.5 and Elyse is 3.

Art activities – blow painting germs.  I thinned down some paint which we splodged on paper. Then Kealan and Elyse used straws to blow the paint, spreading it out. Once it was dry I drew arms and faces to make germs.     

  Art activities – great colouring sheets from Crystalandcomp.


Sensory play – germ swamp.  I created a germ swamp by making oobleck (corn flour slime) which I mixed with coffee to turn it brown. I then added some toy germs (called fungus amongus).        

Sensory play – handwashing station.  I changed our water tray into a hand washing station using a bowl of water, antibacterial soap and a towel. Twinkl resources gave great visual prompts. This was such a success that I intend to create a permanent wash stand for them as soon as possible.  

Sensory play – playdough virus.  Really simple playdough virus model using cotton buds cut in half.   

 Sensory play – germ sandwich.  I presented this tray when we had a friend over. I read a book called Whiffy Wilson by Caryl Hart which has been one of our favourites for a long time and is absolutely perfect for explaining the concept of germs to young children.  On the tuff tray they were each presented with two pieces of bread, jam in a bowl with a knife and a plastic toilet filled with glitter. I asked them to pretend they were using the toilet and to touch it and handle the glitter whilst imagining they were germs.  Next I asked the kids to make me a jam sandwich but they were not to wash their hands first. As expected the glitter transferred from their hands onto the bread which demonstrated how unwashed hands transfer germs on to our food.  

Science activities – pepper germ experiment. This was a brilliant and very simple experiment that we did over and over again throughout the week. Simple fill a bowl with water and sprinkle pepper on the surface whilst explaining that the pepper represents germs. Then have the child dip their finger into washing up liquid and then into the big bowl. The soap breaks the surface tension of the water and the pepper will move to the edges of the bowl very quickly. Of course I didn’t talk about surface tension. We just chanted “germs hate soap” all week and it’s really had a positive impact on their hand washing.  
 Science activity – growing germs part 1. One afternoon after Elyse had been playing in the mud kitchen I got her to handle a slice of bread. I had Kealan do the same but his hands would have been cleaner. I was my hands and touched another slice whilst the 4th piece was left untouched. I placed each piece of bread into each own plastic food bags and taped the bags to the inside of a kitchen cupboard.   We hypothesised about what would happen to each piece of bread and checked on them each day. After 6 days this is what had happened.   

    As predicted elyses bread grew the most germs whilst the untouched piece grew the least. More surprisingly my washed hands piece grew more mould that kealans unwashed hands.

Science activity – growing germs part 2. I copied this experiment from Home School Den. I made the gelatin solution (see link for how to make) and put it in to disposable shot glasses. We then used cotton buds to take samples from several areas in the house. I asked Kealan and Elyse to come up with the places and they did a fantastic job recognising the point of the experiment and where we were likely to find germs:-

1) no sample taken (control)

2) the bin

3) down the side of the playroom chair

4) fish tank

5) toilet

6) kitchen sink

7) kealans mouth

8) elyses mouth

I covered the glasses with cling film and left them to fester! Some started to cloud over quite quickly and our bin sample was growing some pretty nasty stuff after a couple of days. Again Kealan and Elyse were keen to see what was happening but I left the cling film on whilst they observed. After 6 days I unwrapped them to take the pictures but I waited until after the kids had gone to bed.    

1, 7 and 8 had no growth. 2 was by far the most disgusting whilst 3, 4, 5 and 6 were cloudy and showing small areas of green growth.

Science activity –  icy germ rescue. Any followers of Quality Time will know that this is a regular activity for us. It was perfect for this topic to demonstrate that cold stops germs from spreading. We talked about how the freezer keeps food fresh while they used hot water to rescue our fungus amongus germs from the ice. 

Printables – we didn’t do very many printables for this topic but this was a lovely one to bring together everything we had been learning about. The cards are from Every star is different.   
 Journals – Lastly we began our journals this week with germ drawings.  

That conclude our germ theme Quality Time. I hope you have found some fun activities for your little one. Please see hospital post for more ideas.

2 thoughts on “All about me theme -germs for preschoolers

  1. Busy week. Good to see Kealan wanting to participate. The activities are at their level and so much fun for them. Am surprised his hands were so germ free. Your house must be very clean! Love the fungus amongus – where did you find them?

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