All of me theme – Healthy eating, digestive system and the dentist for preschoolers

With school finishing and a stomach bug in the house this topic took me two weeks instead of one. And we didn’t do nearly as much as I had planned but here it is.  (Kealan is 4.5 and Elyse is 3.)

Set-up – fairly basic this week with our anatomy model and skeleton still present (and still being played with regularly), orchard games crazy chefs and shopping list, elc anatomy puzzle, my body jigsaws and books about digestion, teeth and obesity. Science – Digestive system model. I knew this was a great topic to do something bubbly and messy. But rather than just mixing the stuff in a bowl I wanted something that would help them visualise what was happening inside their bodies. So I drew a simple outline and then glued on a funnel for the mouth, a straw for the oesophagus, a sweetie jar for the stomach and some clear pipe for the intestine. First I poured vinegar in to represent the stomach acid. Next kealan and Elyse used our playdoh teeth man to crush down some biscuits and post in to funnel. They then washed the lumps of biscuit and some crushed vitamin c tablets down with some water. The vitamin c reacted with the acid and churned up the biscuit into crumbs. I explained that the bubbles are where burps come from and that it’s the acid in your tummy that burns your throat if you vomit.  As the mixture bubbled up, it reached the plastic tube that represented the intestines and moved down and out of the body as urine. Elyse found it especially funny that our digestion man was having a piddle.

 They loved the reaction so much it was completed many more times in bowls. 

Sensory play – Play doh dentist – I got this set from a charity shop for £1 and it’s brilliant. Kealan was very taken with the drill and it was playdoh so of course Elyse loved it.
 Sensory play – water table teeth brushing. Some dentures, various shapes of toothbrushes and toothpaste with printables from twinkl.    Art – brushing the tooth with toothpaste and making a toothbrush splatter painting.     

Printables -Healthy eating plate
 Healthy versus not healthy – no hesitation here so it’s clearly not ignorance that is the reason for kealans poor food choices.   Healthy alphabet printables  

Sorting food groups printables. Resources – Melissa and doug sticker pads. We’ve had these sitting for a while so it was great to see Elyse enjoy them and make particularly healthy choices for her meal. Not so much for the desert though.


Dramatic play – dental surgery. I covered our sunlounger with a white sheet to create a dentists chair, used twinkl printables to create a reception, waiting room and dental surgery and set out latex gloves, dental sets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a bowl and made the much requested “special pink drink that you don’t drink” using food colouring.

   Isn’t she the cutest receptionist ever!  We played this so much. Everyone who came to our house got their teeth inspected and the odd, quite scary, filling or two. 

So that was what we got up to, our all about me unit now moves on to germs, hospital and disability.


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