All about me theme – anatomy sensory play for preschoolers

Movement art messy time

The culmination of one of our art activities could only be described as sensory play (or maybe just making a mess).

Sensory table blood

I used small red polystyrene balls as red blood cells, water beads as white blood cells and little orange stones to represent platelets. They were interested in how white blood cells munch up germs that get into their body and that platelets rush to plug up the hole if they cut themselves. As these are brand new and reasonably advanced concepts for 3 and 4 year olds they have struggled to retain this but that perfectly understandable.


Body paint

I saw some wonderful anatomy aprons on Pinterest but I thought it would be a much better sensory experience if i painted directly onto their bodies. They loved it and it resulted in a face paint obsession for the following few days.


Anatomy playdoh

Wonderful resources and ideas from Our Time to Learn.  A bit advanced for Elyse and Kealan has very little interest in playdoh. Elyse had a go but unfortunately I didn’t capture a picture.


Edible lungs

I melted some butter in a pan and added about 10 large, pink  marshmallow. I heated and stirred continuously. Elyse and Kealan were given bowls with some rice crispies and once the marshmallows were melted I poured some into each bowl. They both then mixed and added sprinkles. I mounded the sticky mixture into lung shapes and fashioned an oesophagus from candy sticks and polos.


To see more anatomy themed activities from Quality Time Together please see:-

All about me theme – anatomy science activities for preschoolers

All about me theme – anatomy sensory play for preschoolers

4 thoughts on “All about me theme – anatomy sensory play for preschoolers

  1. I love these ideas! Especially the painting on the body Activity. My kids would be tickled to do that! My kids have an interest in the human body and also with animals. Great ideas you’ve shared ! Thanks 👍🏻

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