All about me theme – anatomy art for preschoolers

This is our second week of an all about me unit, last week we looked at family, friends and feelings. Now we move on to anatomy. This is an exciting theme for me as it meant ordering lots of lovely new resources. Also, as it was an area they knew nothing about I could easily assess how much they had taken in from what we had covered.  Here are some of our art activities:-

X-ray hands

On the first day I decided to start with something a bit easier than livers or lungs so we looked at our hands. We made hand prints and X-ray hand pics using black paper, white paint and cotton buds.
Feet movement art
Following on from what can our hands do, we talked about what our feet can do. They came up with walk, run, jump and stamp so I laid out 4 strips of paper and some trays with paint. This was a lot of fun and moved to sensory play once I gave the thumbs up to get super messy!

Skeleton art

We received a new tuff tray so I knew we had to use the large cardboard packaging for a project.  Elyse lay down while I drew around her and then we set it upright for some vertical surface painting.  I provided her with pieces of a skeleton downloaded from A Little Pinch of Perfect. We’d just started this activity when I had a visitor and whilst I was chatting Elyse carried on by herself. I was super impressed.


Loose parts skeleton

I have big plans for a block centre and loose parts play over the summer but my introduction didn’t go as well as I hoped. The skeleton was printed from  It got no interest from Kealan and limited interest from Elyse but she got the idea and did well.



These great colouring sheets came from Our Time to Learn.

To see more anatomy themed activities from Quality Time Together please see:-

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All about me theme – anatomy sensory play for preschoolers


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