Farm theme – sensory play for preschoolers

As always with early years activities there was plenty of overlap so for details on our What the Ladybird Heard trays and name duck pond please see Farm theme – literacy activities for preschoolers   

Muddy farm animal bath –  I mixed some compost and water and added our farm animals and a farmer. Two Pyrex bowls of soapy water were our baths and I gave them a variety of brushes and sponges. Their favourite bit was that I pretended to be the farmer who had just come home to discover all the messy animals and I needed their help to give them all a bath.


Farm special bath – I promised we will finish each unit with a special bath. I’ve been doing these for years and they are still greeted with huge excitement. I paint the tiles with washable paint and add any toys we have that won’t be destroyed by the water. Beads, gems, leaves, etc are also good and quite often I use food colour to change the colour of the bath water. 

Simple farm small world – Kealan especially became interested in the various farm equipment that he saw when we were driving about so I grabbed a bag of small farm toys at a car boot sale and created another tray using an IKEA mat as grass and weetabix as the dirt yard.


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