Farm theme – resources for preschoolers

I’ve decided to include a post about the resources we use for each theme because I know this is where I struggle to find info and ideas.  Most of our toys, puzzles and books have been sourced from charity shops so on occasion they might be hard to find again but most are available on Amazon.

Our set up for the fortnight:-  

We had the usual plastic farm animals, a fisher price farm and an ELC tractor and trailer. Some items from our spring and bug themes remain on our science table.

Melissa and Doug horse stable – this is an expensive item but I got it new for £20 worth of Clubcard vouchers when Tesco were discontinuing it.  I did love the original wood but, as it was going to be a display toy in Elyses room I wanted it to match so I decided to paint it in grey and red. I was very pleased with the make over and it is still part of her room.    

Melissa and doug farm blocks play set – this is a beautiful toy but not hugely popular with my kids. The idea is to use the blocks to recreate the farm but they are quite hard to position and there’s not much scope to play with it without knocking it down. Learning resource farm animal counters – we actually have these from a larger sorting set we got second hand and they are great for lots of activities. Kealan enjoyed lining them up and Elyse sorted them by colour and type.   

Melissa and doug animal magnets – a lovely a selection of animals and perfect for playing farm animal or not.IMG_8441

Orchard toys Old Macdonald Lotto – a great start out game for learning to take turns.

ELC Find the shapes – an older game found in a charity shop but a lovely one consisting of a cardboard farm house and various cut out farm shapes. The shapes are placed inside the house and the child feels about inside and uses a board to identify which shape he/she is touching.

Leapfrog farm mash-up – I paired this game with a book from the library which also involved mixing up farm animals to make a new one. Elyse especially enjoyed this.  The toy tells you the animal part you have added and the colour and then plays a song about what kind of animal you have created. 

ELC farm dominoes – we’ve played dominoes a few times but this was the first time they played without a lot of instruction. Puzzles – various puzzles mostly purchased from charity shops and car boot sales.  

Books, fiction  – again all from charity shops except the phonics books which were purchased from Poundland.
Books, non-fiction – almost all from the library.

Magnetic books – charity shop find but my kids don’t take much interest in them.

Printables – we usually got through quite a volume of printables but the main ones were the farm pack from 3 dinosaurs and Twinkl farm shop role play pack.   

We also used these lovely  gross motor skills farm themed cards And lastly these farm animal and crop byproduct cards from joyfully weary. 

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