Farm theme – dramatic play for preschoolers

We had so much fun during farm fortnight but I have to say I did work quite hard to create some memorable activities.  I’ve received a fantastic response on social media to our first activity and I hope you will also enjoy seeing what we got up to.

Shaving foam sheep shearing – I used 3mm mdf which was only £6 for an 8′ by 4 ‘ sheet to make the sheep.  Once the paint was dry i attached them to our garden fence and then squirted shaving foam over the bodies, it took a full can for each sheep.  I armed the kids with scrapers meant for de icing the fridge and buckets of water.  This was fantastic fun.


Molly the milking moo cow – i used the same sheet of mdf to cut out two cows, painted them and joined them with hinges. I them filled a plastic bottle with water and attached a rubber glove.  Once i poked small holes in the glove and added a small metal bucket Elyse got started on the more conventional and intended method to milk Molly.  Kealan on the other hand went for an alternative idea and transformed himself into a calf and suckled the milk directly.IMG_8428

Playroom barn – I used a second sheet of mdf to create our playroom barn and attached it to our toy storage units.  Once our sheep, Molly the cow and our rocking horse were added it really took shape.


Farm shop – A Twinkl printable pack helped transform our play shop and i added real fruit and vegetables.  Elyse ate a huge amount of apples over the two weeks.  We enjoyed playing farm shop and, as you can see in the picture above, they regularly bought produce to feed to the rocking horse.


I hope you like our Quality Time Together, if you want to see more farm activities please see links below:-

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