Farm theme – literacy activities for preschoolers

We read a vast array of farm books during the two weeks but the Julia Donaldson ones always stand out.  Elyse and I love A Squash and a Squeeze but I decided to focus on What the Ladybird Heard and its sequel What the Ladybird Heard Next.

What the Ladybird Heard – a simple farm tray with bird seed, artificial grass, compost, hay, glass beads and sand.  I read the story to Kealan and Elyse while they played with the small world.


What the Ladybird Heard Next – as we had already had a farm tray for the first book I wanted something different this time. The book focuses on eggs and this seemed a good opportunity for some math work (size and shape) and world around us discussions. So after some research I managed to procure a duck egg and a goose egg. We had hen eggs of course and I raided the Easter box for a blue snugly snerd egg. Unfortunately, I did not have an appropriate duck or goose to use but we had a great fat red hen and our puppet made a perfect snugly snerd. I fashioned some simple nests using hay and printed some twinkl resources.

Kealan and Elyse immediately levetated towards the hen and the puppet and then started picking the eggs out of the nests to feel them. While I read the story I paused for them to shout out words I thought they would remember and Elyse flapped the wings of the fat red hen and moved her around the nests.

After the story they wanted to see if there were chicks in the eggs. So first we held the eggs and discussed their size and weight. We put them in a bowl of water to see if they would float or sink and then they cracked the eggs open.

Elyse always gets stuck in when it come to sensory play and the hands went straight in the bowl. She suggested cooking the eggs for dinner or baking buns but as they were now mixed with shell by two dirty hands i suggested she used them for her own ‘recipe’ at the sink.

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Duck pond name recognition – I gathered our plastic ducks and wrote the letters of Kealan and Elyses name on the base with a permanent marker. I then screwed in metal hooks to the heads. Some dowel rod with string and magnets tied on became our fishing rods. I laminated pages with their names written on and placed all the items in a tuff tray to make a duck pond.  They raced to find their letters and place them on the page.

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