Farm theme – art for preschoolers

Here are some of the farm theme art activities we got up to during farm fortnight:-

Process art with produce from the farm shop – i squirted paint on a baking sheet and added half a potato, an egg, half an onion, a corn on the cob and a carrot.  Elyse rolled, stamped and painted with the items to create beautiful patterns and colours.


Snuggle snerd eggs – after our What the Ladybird Heard Next Tray I asked Kealan and Elyse what they thought a snuggle snerd egg would look like. I gave them a spotty blue egg from our easter decorations and some pipe cleaners, Pom poms, feathers, crayons and glue.  The results were brilliant.   

Farmer outline – Elyse lay on the paper and i drew around her for our farmer outline.  Next both Kealan and Elyse helped me draw on details and colour it in.  We then reviewed what we had learned so far and i was so proud of how much they had remembered.

Shape tractors – i cut out shapes and then placed them how i would use them to make a tractor but explained to Kealan and Elyse that they could use them in whatever way they wanted.  Kealan managed to make a picture that depending on how you look at it is either a tractor or a truck whilst Elyses is a bit more abstract.


Muddy pigs – I carved out some pig trotter shapes from potatoes and gave the kids plates with red and green paint to mix to make brown.  Once the colours were fully mixed they stamped with quite some enthusiasm to make our muddy piggy print picture.


Sheep mask – this was a very simple activity, i cut the centre out of a paper plate and Kealan and Elyse used PVA to glue cotton balls around the outside.  Lastly i cut out some ears and stuck them on.


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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about our Quality Time Together.

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